Luis F Ramirez



Is a Branding and Marketing Strategist that helps CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, human-to-human.

After spending nearly a decade working for his family public relations, marketing and printing company, providing marketing and branding materials to multi-million dollar brands and startups, Luis venture on his own and is now the owner of The Mirasan Group, Inc (a Branding and Marketing Firm) and Ceunovo Investments, LLC (a Financial Investments Firm)

Luis has won multiple awards in graphic design and branding materials. In addition to his extensive PR and marketing experience, Luis is a business coach specializing in social media marketing.

Mark A Barragan

Logistics Director


Mr Mark A Barragan (Tony) manages a $22 million warehousing & distribution budget. Mr Barragan is a core team member for The Mirasan Group, Inc., he leads negotiation strategies and negotiation events with key global suppliers and serve as the direct liaison as it relates to supplier selection, implementing world-wide distribution network and warehousing operation from a small family owned facility to corporate owned facilities.

Mr Barragan has overseen renovation projects transforming building from an ambient to a temperature and humidity-controlled facility and has executed multiple service and cost improvement projects for the collaborative shipping coalition.

Develops strategies to reduce costs while simultaneously optimize quality, customer focus, innovation, and supplier relationships in order to achieve vertical integration.

Oraphan Wentz

International Marketing Director

Oraphan (Tui) Wentz is a networking professional who strategically teams up with qualifying businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs making sure each company is linked with the most skilled business professionals and opportunities that would fulfill their needed demand. Ms. Wentz is now known throughout the Thai community in Hollywood by many business owners whether it in the beauty industry or the shipping international world.

Miss Wentz oversees developing upscale marketing strategies to improve our client’s brand both nationally and internationally providing leadership, direction and management and develops the marketing expertise to achieve our global marketing objectives and strategies for assigned categories.

Miss Wentz lead and effectively manages the START process for new products from concept brief initiation to final project approval by senior management.


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