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Meet - Enrique Torres

Social and Digital Media Expert

Mr. Torres is an award-winning social and digital media expert delivering enterprise-level community management, content moderation, social media services, and online review management. Currently in charge of over 100+ global and national brands within our portfolio,

For the last 4 years, Mr. Torres has developed and customized a social media management system that brings together superior analytics with expert human analysis from your dedicated content specialist team. 


Mr. Torres will work alongside you and your staff to develop a marketing campaign that resonates with your clients and attract new leads based on data and research. Allowing you to manage and run your business and not have to worry about your social and digital media marketing and branding.


Meet - Diana Ballesteros

Social Media Content Manager

Ms. Ballesteros has passion for creating meaningful brand stories and experiences across all media channels. Other areas of expertise include photo and video production and production design.

Throughout the pandemic, Ms. Ballesteros has been working in improving the content and messaging of our clients who were forced to heavily rely on e-commerce experiences for their customers.

Ms. Ballesteros has worked with our clients in taking ownership of their e-commerce experience in new and innovative ways. By making simple changes and by shifting sales from traditional retail over to their own O&O website and social media.  She has managed to help our client’s businesses to expand into developing entire virtual social shopping experiences not only by offering a seamless and customizable experience for their customers but also by offering a more visibility and control message over paid media platforms.


Meet - Carlos John

Sales and Marketing Director

Mr. John is an experienced and proven Sales and Marketing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO Audits, and E-commerce SEO. Strong sales professional.

Since 2010, Mr. John has been involved in sales and marketing and along with our sales and marketing team is the engine that drives our company. As Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. John helps keep the revenue engine of our company and clients running through the leadership of a highly motivated team. With in-depth knowledge and a track record of success by optimizing the sales process, cold-calling, lead generation, relationship building, business development, and closing deals.

Along with our full-service graphic design firm. Specializing in custom Logo/graphics, Print, Apparel, and Web design/development services. Mr. John has helped our client's visibility and online presence, while also in charge of all account management, sales, public, and client relations.

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