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The Mirasan Group, Inc.

Luis F Ramirez



Is a Branding and Marketing Strategist that helps CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, human-to-human.

After spending nearly a decade working for his family public relations, marketing and printing company, providing marketing and branding materials to multi-million dollar brands and startups, Luis venture on his own and is now the owner of The Mirasan Group, Inc (a Branding and Marketing Firm) and Ceunovo Investments, LLC (a Financial Investments Firm)

Luis has won multiple awards in graphic design and branding materials. In addition to his extensive PR and marketing experience, Luis is a business coach specializing in social media marketing.


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"I want to thank the team at The Mirasan Group during these difficult times they have help my company in in creating and managing our social and digital presence, constantly innovating our creative messaging, and delivering  high qualified leads."

- Narrows Cleaning Services

"The professionals at The Mirasan Group took their time to understand our industry and met the challenge with in-depth experience, they gave our brand a personality and helped us understand our client's needs in order to customized a targeted marketing campaign."

- Harbor Quality Painting

"The Mirasan Group took their unique resources, including their insightful research to customized and plan our traditional, digital, and social advertising footprint across all platforms tailored to our company's needs. They have helped us streamline our media campaigns by pinpointing what’s most unique about our brand that focuses on results."

- Sigma Realty

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