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CBD/Hemp Products

With recent reports that projected the CBD markets will hit $22 billion by 2022 also predict that the world CBD markets could outpace marijuana… or recreational cannabis. This is good news for North American cannabis domestic sales, and great news for international sales. North American companies will become players in the worldwide import and export markets as well. A recent publication by an industry insider recently said: "The international Hemp import/export business while young is poised to BOOM in the United States.

Our goal at The Mirasan Group, Inc., is to help bridge the gap between the farms and the national and international buyer when it comes to the import and export of Hemp products. We can provide you with CBD/Hemp plants, flower, CBD isolate and biomass covering the whole spectrum when it comes to CBD/Hemp Products, and when it comes to the transportation of CBD/Hemp Products our logistics department has the experience needed and understand how to navigate all the Rules and Regulations regarding possession and transportation of CBD/Hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill allows Hemp production in States with a USDA approved plan or follow a Federal plan.  However, to date, the USDA has yet to issue a Federal plan or approve any individual State’s production plans. The lack of clarity around the legality of transport make finding drivers wiling to move Hemp increasingly difficult.  Many are just not willing to open themselves to the probability of confrontations with State Law Enforcement.

Because our expert staff is trained to follow protocol, The Mirasan Group, Inc greatly mitigates your risks. We understand that with most projects the freight is estimated and usually there is more that meets the eye as projects unfold. Managing a successful delivery requires us to accept total responsibility for achieving success.

Product Acquisition

Our product acquisition department has over 50 years of combined experience in the medical supplies and the cannabis industries and have develop relationships throughout the years with the top manufacturers of medical supplies as well as the producers of raw CBD/Hemp materials and products.

Regardless of your industry, acquisition of product, raw materials, and other necessary items your business needs to operate and be successful requires a product acquisition specialist to develop and review acquisition strategies. 

We participate in the actual procurement process and review results of procurement efforts and course-correct when necessary. ​

We help you to put in place administrative tasks, such as managing a vendor database, create and process purchase orders, draft acquisition-related documents, and create a company’s acquisition guidelines and tactics.

​We identify where needs exist, by becoming your acquisition department on behalf of your company.

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